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April, 2023 City Minutes 

Leonard City Council

The Leonard City Council met Monday April 3, 2023 at 7 pm. Present: Onica Johnson, Bonnie Greuel, Tony Plante, Ryan Hinkel, Auditor Trina Nudell, Wesley Schatzke, Dakota Marsaa, Deputy Mortenson and community members. Mayor Jacobson dialed in via cell phone. Meeting called to order at 7:02 pm. March minutes read. Plante made motion to accept minutes as read. Seconded by Hinkel. Cass County Sheriff’s report: 12 calls for service. 8 were medical. Public concerns: City of Leonard website does not have council meeting dates posted. Per President Johnson, this is due to technology issue between Google and VistaPrint. The council is currently working on the issue and may be switching to a new website service provider. A community member asked whether a

building permit is needed for a 12 x 24 shed that will be replacing an old shed. Council stated that if the shed does not have a permanent foundation and can be moved, no permit is needed. Update on MLGC installation for City of Leonard office in Senior Center. MLGC drafter a letter to the

Leonard Senior Citizens Friendship Club stating that “MLGC will not hold the Leonard Senior Citizens Friendship Club responsible for monetary responsibilities for the City of Leonard. The City of Leonard will utilize MLGC services while in business at the Senior Citizens Center. Upon their departure from the building, any monetary responsibilities will remain with the City of Leonard.” Bea Wall reviewed the letter earlier that day and verbally gives the go ahead to have MLGC internet installed at the Senior Center building. Bea will be sending the formal approval letter in a few days.

A written agreement between the City of Leonard and the Leonard Senior Center will be written up by the mayor and council in the upcoming weeks. It will essentially document all verbal agreements between the two entities over the past years. Wes Schatzke gave notice on March 10 that his last day as City Maintenance Manager will be April 1 or sooner. However, he later agreed to stay a few days into April to get through the last storm. Part Time City Maintenance position will be posted for 60 days. Duties will include snow removal, repairs and maintenance of vehicles and equipment, general maintenance, maintaining streets and other odds and ends, possibly including park mowing and clean up. Mechanical aptitude and engine experience a plus. City mowing position also available. One application has been received thus far. The city shop is in need of tools. A list will be compiled and dollar amount to be spent will be determined later. Greuel made a motion to start the process to open an account at Napa and/or OReilley’s to purchase parts. Seconded by Hinkel. Benefits are lower prices and extended hours including weekends. The pole saw was purchased, but it did not come with batteries. Plante made a motion to purchase two batteries for the pole saw. Hinkel seconded. Mayor Jacobson was approached by our Insurance Agent in Casselton stating that an additional million dollars of insurance can be purchased for $88/year. The city will also be adding the new office equipment to the policy. Moving money into money market account and/or CD’s was further discussed. First International rates for a money market account only are 3.75%, but rate is not locked. Rate comparison spreadsheet showing most recent money market and CD rates at several banks was distributed. CD terms range from 3 months to 18 months or longer and rates ranged from .9% to 4.26%. Money market rates ranged from 1.26% to 3.75%. Greuel made motion to move the money in the shop building fund to a Money Market account at Bremer. Seconded by Plante. Funds in the shop building fund were $164,515 as of March 31.

City building discussion will be moved to the May meeting. Mayor Jacobson is working on a binder that includes bids. The following bills were approved to be paid: Acme Tools $33.56, Farmers Union Insurance 2,040, Fat Man Trash 1,858.82, Kubota 15,001.79, Leonard Post Office 378.00, ND Workforce Safety and Insurance 323.90, Dakota Marsaa 113.43 (Napa alternator reimbursement) Wesley Schatzke: 1,025.09, Dakota Marsaa 281.67, Trina Nudell 507.93. Meeting adjourned at 8:17 pm. Next regular meeting will be Monday May 1 at 7 pm. 

Trina Nudell, City Auditor

May, 2023 City minutes 

Leonard City Council

The Leonard City Council met Monday May 1, 2023 at 7 pm. Council Members present: Mayor Tracey Jacobson, Onica Johnson, Bonnie Greuel, Tony Plante, Ryan Hinkel, and City Auditor Trina Nudell. Also in attendance were Wesley Schatzke, Dakota Marsaa, Bill Magstadt, Deputy Mortenson, Bea Wall, Deb Schumacher, Joleen Vanderwerff and other community members.

Meeting called to order at 7:03 pm. April minutes were read. Motion to accept minutes as ready by Greuel. Seconded by Hinkel. Cass County Sheriff’s report: 11 calls for service. 2 were medical.

Shawna and Brandon Rolland are requesting a building permit for a 32 x 54 shop. The proposed location would be 10 feet from back property line and 3 feet from side property line. Written city zoning rules require a distance between edge of building and property line of at least 10 feet on the side and at least 25 feet in the rear. Therefore, the building permit is not approved. Johnson made a motion to request that the Rolland’s shift the building to meet the property line distance  requirements and bring the revised plan to the next meeting. Seconded by Greuel. A Leonard resident had a fall near Watt’s library on Saturday April 22. Spring Clean-Up Week was discussed.

Motion by Greuel to have two roll-offs, then two more once those are full. Seconded by Plante. Ideal

timeframe would be the week of May 15 th . Fat Man Trash will be contacted to confirm. It was later

discovered that the first available date would be mid-June. The city will check into prices and available dates of other vendors. Once dates are finalized, it will be posted on the city Facebook page and posters around town. As discussed in November, there were complaints about yards and unregistered vehicles and letters would be going out in the spring. The first letter would be a warning to allow the homeowner to come up with a plan. Vehicles without current tabs need to be removed. A second letter would be sent if the problem continues. Back in November, a motion was made that after the second letter is sent, if not taken care of in 30 days, the vehicle will be towed by Hopewell’s. These first letters will be going out in May. Letters will be sent to the two residents that have building permits that need to be renewed. Lagoon maintenance including weeds and gophers was discussed. The city is looking for someone to trap gophers. Pay is $4 per tail. Posters will be hung around town. Regarding the Pulzinski plat, Plante made a motion to move forward by having mylar printed and starting collection of signatures. Hinkel seconded. Mayor Jacobson passed a binder around with various building plans for the new city building and asked council members to give input regarding what they like and what are necessities. Trina was the only applicant for the city auditor position. Gruel made a motion to appoint Trina Nudell as City Auditor for another two years. Seconded by Plante. The following bills were approved to be paid: Cass County Reporter 69.53, Farmers Union Emden 700.66, Fat Man Trash 1,858.82, S&L Computer 158.22, Dakota Marsaa 87.73, Wesley Schatzke 258.58, Trina Nudell 507.93, Cemetery 169.08, Leonard Fire Department 186.26, Watts Free Library 257.53. Meeting adjourned at 8:30 pm.

Next regular meeting will be Monday June 5 at 7 pm.

Trina Nudell, City Auditor

June, 2023 City Minutes

Leonard City Council

The Leonard City Council met Monday June 5, 2023 at 7 pm. Council Members present: Mayor Tracey Jacobson, Onica Johnson, Bonnie Greuel, Tony Plante, Ryan Hinkel, and City Auditor Trina Nudell. Also in attendance were Shawna & Brandon Rolland, Wesley Schatzke, Bill Magstadt, Bruce Johnston and Gordon Baker. Meeting called to order at 7:02 pm. May minutes read. Motion to accept minutes by Hinkel. Seconded by Johnson. Cass County Sheriff’s report: 9 calls for service. 2 were medical. Shawna and Brandon Rolland gave the revised placement of their garage/shop. The building will be 25 feet from back property line and 4 feet from side property line. Rollands have obtained a signed variance from their neighbor accepting this since it’s less than 10 feet. Building permit approved by Plante. Seconded by Hinkel. Gordon Baker requested a building permit for a garage. Hinkel made a motion to approve. Seconded by Johnson. Ryan Johnson would like a written statement from the council giving him permission to mow the boulevard down their street on the east side of the road. This includes the back corner by his property to the corner across from Gilberts, right next to Sara’s. Johnson mows it because it never gets mowed. He’s requesting

the letter just in case the police are called. Approved by Greuel. Seconded by Hinkel. Various city maintenance items were discussed including potholes, phase 2 of graveling streets, street sign

installation, snowplow removal and putting on the bucket, and tree trimming. One person reached out to Mayor Jacobson the week before expressing interest in the City Maintenance position, but he didn’t end up attending the council meeting that night. Both Bill Magstadt and Bruce Johnston are interested in mowing this summer. Johnson made a motion to offer mowing position to Bruce Johnston and Bill Magstadt. Seconded by Greuel. Current mowing wages are $15/hr. Current pay for maintenance, shop work and snow removal is $20/hr. Motion by Johnson to increase pay to $25/hr across the board. Seconded by Plante. Greuel made a motion to have the tractor serviced since the tractor is close to the number of hours for a big service including hydraulic filters, front axle oil and all the big stuff. The quoted cost will be $3-4,000. Seconded by Johnson. Illegal dumping continues to be a problem. Council members will look into prices for a bigger no dumping

sign. Reminder to all residents that dumping appliances or metal of any kind is no longer allowed even during clean up week. Hinkel made a motion to impose a fine of $250 for illegal dumping. Johnson seconded. The following bills were approved to be paid: Cass County Reporter 156.68, Fat Man Trash 1,858.82, MLGC 1.08 & .68, Bin There Dump That 2,150, Wesley Schatzke 150, Ryan Hinkel mileage 42.58, Trina Nudell 507.93, Bill Magstadt 581.80, Tracey Jacobson 166.23, Bonnie Greuel 138.52, Onica Johnson 138.52, Ryan Hinkel 138.52, Tony Plante 138.52. Next regular meeting will be Monday July 10 at 7 pm. 

Trina Nudell, City Auditor 

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