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Park Board Meeting Minutes 04-05-2021

Meeting called to order.

Treasury report shows $1,668.19 Equity Balance for the City Park.

2020 Park Expenses =  $3870.19

2020 Park Income = $3,304

Motion made and 2nd to approve the Treasury report.

Old Business:

Continued discussion on the RV portion of the park. The Wessels/Kistler families presented a petition signed by 20 + city residents showing concern with the RV parking in the city park. Concern mainly coming from families uncomfortable with allowing kids to play in the park with the unknown campers staying there. One concern was the liability insurance with the City Park of which the Park had $1 million in liability policy. This will have to be verified with City Auditor to make sure this policy is still in place. After a lengthy discussion is was motioned with a 2nd and final approval to allow Laske family to park their RV in the park for the Summer since they were approved to park there for the Summer. They will be the only camper allowing the Summer of 2021 and the RV/Camping would closed the end of August 2021.

New Business:

Replace 3 toddler swings. Motion, 2nd, approved.

Discussion to place 2 signs in the park that will read No Animals in the Park, Park and Playground closes at Sunset, No Loud Music, Use Playground at your own risk, Adult supervision required, No Littering, No Motorized vehicles, No Fires, No horseplay or fighting, No Alcoholic beverages, No glass containers. ANYONE DAMAGING PROPERTY OR VIOLATING PARK RULES WILL BE PROSECUTED. Motion with 2nd , approved.

Discussion on the park mowing. Wes Schatzke will mow for the Park in 2021. Park upkeep will include the City Park, City Baseball Field, and Basketball Court going forward. Without RV income moving forward after 2021 it is known that the Park will need additional income in rent, gifts, or increased mill levy. Spring park cleanup will look for the Lions to increase their donation to $500. Another idea is to rent the Baseball parking area to Tony with Acres of Terror.

Motion with 2nd to adjourn meeting.

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