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Watts Free Library

Dedication service November 27, 1913

Watts Free Library today

Hours: Saturday's - 9:30-11:30am

The Watts Free Library, located at the corner of 1st Ave N and 3rd St N, built in 1911, is listed with the State Historical Society. The library and surrounding park was dedicated in 1913 by Mr. Edgerton Watts, in memory of his wife Mary Hewitt Watts, to Leonard Township.

The library was closed in 1968 and consideration was given to moving it to Bonanzaville or using it for restrooms for the park. In 1971, a group of interested persons asked the City Council for permission to reopen the library. Thankfully this was granted.

The Watts Library was open for tours in July of 1972. A flag that once flew over the United States Capitol, was presented to the library by Senator Quentin Burdick.

Local children and adults still frequent the library and enjoy the shelved knowledge contained in its many books.

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